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Chris Tucker.
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I need some nocturnal friends. So much to say and no one around to hear it.

"And a million more before the clocks unwind…"

Watching Kevin Devine perform, in general, is a constant source of joy, but some of my favorite moments are in the subtleties, like the smiles he can’t fight off when he sings certain lyrics. Whether they be in response to a triggered memory or the simple joy of lyrical resolution, it’s one of the most endearing and human things about seeing him play live.

Andy Hull and Kevin Devine of Bad Books - Pontiac, MI. 


2013 has been a strange and bittersweet blur. There’s been an unrelenting push and pull between the seemingly infallible happiness the year’s high points have brought me, and the burgeoning detachment and isolation I’m left with despite that. There’ve been striking reminders of the ephemerality of life, and for the first time, I began to actually consider my own mortality. All dramatics aside, there’s an underlying feeling that I’m on the cusp of a new chapter, however slight the transition may be. To this season of life, there is an air of quiet significance. A sense that the things happening right now, no matter how minuscule, are in some way central to the bigger story, and I need to remember it.

All this to say, I feel I’m long overdue to start sharing a bit of myself with you again. At the very least, to start writing again. Now, I can’t promise that every entry will be harrowing introspection (that’d just be miserable) or thought-provoking intellectual observations (they’d only be pseudo-intellectual anyway). Honestly, a lot of what I post will probably just be for posterity’s sake, or to share music that I love. I’ll also be sharing some of my photos, another passion of mine I’ve neglected for far too long. So here we go. May this humble corner of the internet become a document of my existence. Thanks for being a part of it.